From the top of Monte Nieddu you have an overall view of the municipality of San Teodoro, in the Gallura Santu Tiadoru, in the province of Olbia Tempio.

The origin of San Teodoro's name comes from the presence of the parish church dedicated to San Teodoro Amasea, a Roman soldier who became a martyr.  

The area of San Teodoro has been inhabited by different peoples for centuries, prehistoric remains are to be found near Nuragheddu.

For many years it was part of the municipality of Posada, until 2005 when it became part of the province of Olbia Tempio.

The boundaries of San Teodoro are Budoni, Loiri, Porto San Paolo, Padru and Torpè








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Siniscola - La Caletta - Elegante Villetta!
Detail Price : € 299 000
Living space : 100 m²
Land space : 130 m²
Villetta con Piscina
Detail Price : € 220 000
Living space : 90 m²
Land space : 100 m²
Villetta con piscina privata
Detail Rent : Consult us
Living space : 70 m²
Land space : 250 m²
Budoni - Nuove costruzioni
Detail Price : € 230 000
Living space : 75 m²
Land space : 20 m²
San Teodoro - Appartamento al Primo Piano
Detail Price : € 150 000
Living space : 75 m²
Land space : 15 m²

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