La  Cinta is a thin and fragile strip of land formed by a very fine sand accumulation, is about 4 km long, above the sand dunes are junipers and tamarisks that separate the sea and the lagoon.

The sea provides a view of various shades of colour similar to a painters palette, it goes from white to yellow to emerald green to blue where the depths change. The water is crystal clear.

This beach and lagoon are the most important natural beauty of San Teodoro, the most visited and appreciated.

On the beach of La Cinta, a channel on the strip of land called the Foca, allows the continuous replacement and renewal of the lagoons water, which is also fed by the mountain streams. As well as fish, it's grounds are home to a rich and rare fauna.

Courtesy of Comune di San Teodoro


Resident and transitory birds feed from the waters, mallards, coots, herons and red cinerin, but most obvious are the flamingos, watching their games, the complicated courtship, the beak diving into the water in search of food,  reflections of their pink plumage in the tranquil waters of the pond, their arrivals and departures offer unforgettable views


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